Step 0: Check ezuno's system requirements

Before installing and setting up ezuno, please verify first that your Alfresco system and your client machines meet all the requirements listed below.

ezuno's system requirements:

  1. Alfresco (Enterprise/Community Edition) version greater or equal to 5.2.x running?
  2. Alfresco Share and Alfresco Repository are installed and accessible via Web browser on all client machines?
  3. Port TCP 62627 on your Alfresco server is not used and can be accessed from client machines?*
  4. Operating system on client machines is Windows (Vista or higher), Mac OS X (Mavericks or higher) or Linux?

*Port TCP 62627 is used by ezuno to receive messages from your Alfresco server. If this port is not open, Alfresco Share integration will not work properly!

If you can answer all these questions with "yes", you're all set.

If not, please submit a request to find a solution for you!

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