Step 2: Install license and manage ezuno users

This article describes the necessary steps for installing the license key file on your Alfresco system and managing those Alfresco users, who - from now on - will speed up their daily work by using ezuno!

How to get a license key

Simply subscribe our FREE BASIC plan to get a free license key for 10 ezuno users here.

If you need more ezuno users, please contact our sales team and request a tailor-made quote and a sales order by completing this form.

For more details on our license model and our terms and conditions, please read the ezuno End-User License Agreement (EULA).

How to install the license key on your Alfresco system

Please Note: You must have administration rights on your Alfresco system to perform these actions!

  1. Create a new folder /ezuno in Alfresco Share at the root of the Repository (next to the "/Sites" folder).
  2. Rename the license key file submitted to you by us from say "ezuno_FAW_1466115138488.lic" to exactly "ezuno.lic".
  3. Upload the renamed license file to the new /ezuno folder you created in step 1.

Now, ezuno running on client machines is able to locate the license key file for license verification.

How to nominate Alfresco users who should also be ezuno users in your Alfresco system

In order for ezuno to verify that the maximum number of ezuno users subscribed is not exceeded, ezuno only will work for Alfresco users that are assigned to a special user group in your Alfresco system.

  1. Create a new user group "ezuno" in your Alfresco system.
  2. Add single Alfresco users or user groups to this group.
  3. Please make sure that the total number of users in this group does not exceed the maximum number of subscribed ezuno users!


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