Step 1: Make your Alfresco server ready for ezuno

This article describes how to make your Alfresco server ready for ezuno.

ezuno comes with seamless Alfresco Share integration allowing you to access all essential ezuno functions (e.g. comfortable one-click checkout, one-click edit and quick document preview with the default applications installed on your computer) directly from within Alfresco Share!

This requires two AMP modules to be installed on your Alfresco system included with your ezuno installation package: ezuno-repo-5.x.x-alfresco-x-bundle.amp and ezuno-share-5.x.x.amp

Please Note: These installation steps are usually made by an Alfresco administrator!

How to install ezuno AMP modules:

  1. Using Alfresco 5.2.x? Copy ezuno-repo-5.x.x-alfresco-5-bundle to: [Alfresco_Home]/amps
  2. Using Alfresco 6.x? Copy ezuno-repo-5.x.x-alfresco-6-bundle.amp to: [Alfresco_Home]/amps
  3. Using Alfresco 7.x? Copy ezuno-repo-5.x.x-alfresco-7-bundle.amp to: [Alfresco_Home]/amps
  4. Copy ezuno-share-5.x.x.amp to: [Alfresco_Home]/amps_share
  5. Stop Alfresco server
  6. Install the AMPs by executing the following commands, depending on your server's operating system or use custom installation:
    Windows: [Alfresco_Home]/bin/apply-amps.bat –force
    Linux: [Alfresco_Home]/bin/ –force
    Other: You can use the custom Module Installation: Installing an Alfresco Module Package (Alfresco Documentation)
  7. Restart Alfresco server

How to deploy ezuno actions in Alfresco Share:

  1. The most important ezuno actions are activated by default in Alfresco Share.
  2. If you want to change which actions are available:
    1. Visit the following URL in Alfresco Share: /page/modules/deploy
    2. Select, add and apply all ezuno actions.
    3. Additionally, you can configure an evaluator for every action to restrict the visibility e.g. to some sites, some users or some group

For details on module deployment, see: Module deployment and evaluators (Alfresco Documentation)

Now, your Alfresco server is ready to interact with ezuno!

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