How can I change ezuno settings for all users?

Create or upload a settings file

You can change all ezuno settings for all users by creating a settings file in Alfresco at


next to where you placed the ezuno license.

You can find an example for this settings file here:

ezuno will look for new settings on startup and then every few minutes. If new settings are available, ezuno will prompt the user to either apply the settings now or later or for a restart depending on the configuration.

# when the settings should be applied
# true if a restart is necessary or 
# false if the user is allowed to work 
# with the current settings till next restart setting.config.restart=false

Apply settings only for some users

If you want to apply the new settings only to some users you can do this by removing the read permissions of this file for all other users.

Use the Microsoft Windows Registry

It is also possible rollout changed setting in the Microsoft Windows Registry. Please contact ezuno support for an example.

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